Flowers ...

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                                                                                               shoes: mango,
                                                                                               jeans: zara,
                                                                                               shirt: stradivarius,
                                                                                               jacket: zara,
                                                                                               sunglasses: raen,
                                                                                               bag: mona,
                                                                                               watch: michael kors,
                                                                                               ph. Maja

Have you ever stayed at work late just to publish your new post? Well I have! Just right now! While you browsing through these new gorgeous photos (thanks to my lovely sister Maja) I'm still at the office, using free WiFi, but shh! ;)
We wont tell anyone!
Let's made a short story about the look: olive baggy pants meet flower jacket and they fall in love. The rest is history.
Let me hear your opinion about this outfit!

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